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Unstoppable Zee

Unstoppable Zee is a new diverse children's storybook all about empowering little girls to know that they can do anything that they put their minds to. From the first few pages where readers meet Unstoppable Zee and learn about her superpowers, they will fall in love with learning all the exciting things that she can do and realize that just maybe they can be unstoppable too. 


Set at a delightful, rhythmic pace author Reesa Shayne has made Unstoppable Zee an enjoyable read from start to finish for everyone, especially those having story time with toddlers and early readers.

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When We All Wear A Mask

A diverse children's picture book addressing the global pandemic. This rhyming and upbeat picture book explains to young readers over the age of 5, why it is so very important to wear a mask and help keep each other safe in the age of Covid-19. Young readers will understand the benefits of wearing a mask and social distancing to protect themselves, their family members, and friends.

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Polly Pear

Polly Pear is new in town, and nervous about making new friends. This heartwarming book encourages children to overcome their fears and be brave despite any nervous feelings they may have. Polly Pear is the first children's book from author Reesa Shayne, who will be bringing many more adventures and touching lessons to readers of all ages.

Write With Polly Pear - A Handwriting Workbook

Write with Polly Pear is a handwriting practice activity book for young readers. Based on the original Polly Pear story, this handwriting practice workbook is a companion activity book based on the original Polly Pear story, and gives young writers the opportunity to practice their handwriting skills with a positive, endearing story on being brave in new situations.

Color With Polly Pear - A Coloring Book

If you absolutely loved the bright colors and images in the original Polly Pear story, then you will enjoy this coloring book! Get the best of both worlds in this coloring book for young readers to use their imagination and personality to color 26 fun pages while reading the sweet story of Polly Pear.