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Moving On - Romance Novella

Moving On is a fun, light, romance from new contemporary writer Reesa Shayne. Months after an ugly break-up with her fiance that she didn't see coming, Melanie Lawson moves to a new city, and meets a man she just can't seem to stay away from. What's a girl to do, when in the middle of starting fresh, she can't seem to keep her lips off her sexy neighbor? 

Chase Arrington is ready to step up his A-game, in the advertising world that is. He's moving into the big leagues determined to prove to his father that he's ready to run the family business. But before he can do that, he needs to get his mind off of the gorgeous damsel in the apartment beneath his. Or maybe she's just the distraction he needs in his life.

These two aren't looking for love when they move into Parkwood Apartments, but the attraction is explosive from the moment they lay eyes on eachother. Can they find a way to keep their mutual attraction under control and just be neighbors, or should they try playing for keeps?

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