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Hi there! I'm looking for ARC Readers for my next children's book!

ARC = Advanced Review Copy

How it Works!​

If selected, you will receive a digital copy of my upcoming children's book in advance of release day via email. This will be an unedited but formatted manuscript and book cover. 
You'll agree to: 
  • Receive a confidential digital ARC of my children's book in advance
  • Read the book in advance (this is an obvious one, but humor me.)
  • Write an honest review on the week of my book release (within 3-5 days). 
  • Post your review about my children's book on your Instagram and/or Facebook page the week of my book release and also agree to tag me in that post, and include an image of my book cover.
If this all sounds great to you, then I would love to consider you for my ARC Reading team!
Submit the form below with your name, email address to get started, and we will go from there!
Ready to become an ARC Reader? Just a few more steps!
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