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When We All Wear A Mask

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I've always been a lover of books. I've written stories since I was a child with a very active imagination. I read and wrote everything I could get my hands on. As a child, when everyone was outside playing, I was in a corner with a book.


Fast forward several years, after majoring in Journalism in college, and pursuing a professional career in corporate marketing, I always felt what I call a soul-pull to write stories. I started out just noodling on my commute to work with my laptop, with an idea for a romance novel.  It blossomed into my first self-published e-book Moving On -- currently available for sale hint-hint ;).

In November 2018, I self-published my first Children's book - Polly Pear, and I am so excited about the many adventures I have planned for this character in future books! 

I find so much fulfillment in writing. I wish everyone who wants to be a writer the confidence to just begin - and see where the journey takes you. 

With Love,

Reesa Shayne

My  Books - For Kids!

When We All Wear A Mask

Write With Polly Pear - A Handwriting Workbook

Polly Pear

Color With Polly Pear -

A Coloring Activity Book


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