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"Unstoppable Zee is an inspiring and uplifting picture book for preschoolers and kindergarten-age children. This fantastic children’s book will entertain young readers with bright and vivid illustrations, relatable subjects, and a can-do attitude."

-Literary Titan Book Review

Unstoppable Zee Picture Book - Paperback

Girls Empowerment takes off with Unstoppable Zee

children's picture book available in paperback and digital now,  everywhere books are sold online including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target. Unstoppable Zee was also released in Hardcover format on March 1, 2022

Author Reesa Shayne
My Story

From an early age, reading books have always held a special place in my heart. As a child, you could often find me tucked away in a corner, immersed in a good book, while others played outside. After pursuing a career in corporate marketing and earning a degree in Journalism, I still felt a deep yearning to write stories that spoke to my soul. That's when I began writing romance novels on my daily commute. Eventually, I found my true passion in writing children's books.

In 2018, I self-published my first children's picture book, Polly Pear, which I soon followed with activity books Write With Polly Pear and Color with Polly Pear.


In 2021, I published When We All Wear A Mask, a timely book aimed at explaining the importance of wearing a mask to children during the pandemic. My latest works, Unstoppable Zee and My Day With Grandma, were published in 2021 and have already captured the hearts of readers.

As an author, I find immense joy in creating stories that inspire and empower children, and celebrate Black joy. I been recognized by Stamford, CT Public Schools, where my children's book, My Day With Grandma, has been included in every K-3rd grade classroom in the district beginning in March 2023.


To anyone who shares my love for writing, I encourage you to pursue your passion with confidence. There's nothing more fulfilling than following your dreams and seeing where the journey takes you.

-With Love,

Reesa Shayne

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